Utility Damage Prevention

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Utility Damage Prevention

Utility Damage risk is a part of business for a contractor running a large construction project. Prevention is key, of course, in minimizing costs and damages. Docusite can help your company reduce or eliminate the costs of utility damage, through superior organization and documentation, along with exceptional communication throughout your entire excavation site.


Organizations like the Common Ground Alliance have recognized and allowed a greater awareness of the importance of utility damage and injury prevention through documentation, making note that the risk of on-site accidents and incidents decreases as proper documentation increases. This should give every contractor pause to assess their own documentation process and give serious thought to employing professional Construction software for the purpose of Utility damage prevention.


We can all agree that excavation sites are dangerous places, just by the nature of the work performed on-site. Keeping clear records of a site and its surroundings can assist project managers in identifying potential problem areas and managing quality control during each and every phase of the project.


Superior documentation creates a high level of accountability for the various tradesmen working on the everyday tasks that are most often overlooked by upper management, encouraging, and perhaps, demanding that each person take responsibility for injury prevention. As well, precise documentation of incidents can be helpful down the line in case of litigation concerning each trade’s actions and performance along the way.


We know of no trade within the construction industry that does not rely on a project’s completion to take place within schedule and on budget. Lowering the chances of onsite incidents through Utility damage prevention means less down time for subcontractors, as well as the contractor. A systemized method of record keeping through a Construction app from Docusite saves companies overhead and inefficiencies, and creates a model that can be duplicated in the future.


The expectation of your company to know what’s happening at every site, every day is a very real part of the industry. Maintaining critical information and keeping it in a secure and organized place is absolutely essential. If you’re not already employing a construction project management app, we think you’ll be pretty impressed with the features Docusite offers. Their simple and comprehensive app can help you document your sites in a way you never thought possible. 


If you’re still struggling with subcontractors who complete their work according to their own schedule instead yours, Docusites can help you coordinate your tradesmen by giving every team member access to your project schedule, allow them to instantly communicate across their trades, and seamlessly function as a single unit on the field and off. If this sounds like something that will work for your company, you’re exactly right- it will.


You can learn more about the Docusite app and about how it can save your company time and money, while implementing utility damage prevention measures that will keep your project operating smoothly. Just go to docusites.com and take a closer look at what superior organization would mean for your company. If you have questions, call 888-738-6376, and an expert will gladly answer them for you.