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Justin McIntosh
Justin McIntoshCEO
Guy “Skip” McIntosh
Guy “Skip” McIntosh Cofounder

Our Story

A family of entrepreneurial men spanning three generations is bound to have as many shouting matches as it has celebratory beers, but what makes the DocuSite story interesting is where we came from, and where we’re going.

Our story starts with Skip McIntosh, a founding member of Kelly Cable Corporation as well as SiteWise LLC, an excavation and utility field service company, who helped build the company where his father Guy McIntosh also worked. There, he developed a deep, firsthand understanding of the excavation and underground utility industry and the unique challenges it faced. At Kelly, Skip ran the operations, developed best practices and optimized operational efficiencies that moved the company forward until he sold his interest in 2005.

Then, together with Skip’s son Justin McIntosh, he founded Safe Site Inc. - an underground utility field services and locating company that quickly grew to over 300 employees in eight years across the US.

After countless motels, arduous road trips, spirited bids and winging it when we had to, we finally found our stride in the space.

Safety, quality and risk management through proper documentation has always been in the DNA of our family. Skip has been recognized by the Rodney Slater the United States Secretary of Transportation for his work with industry best practices to help keeping  America safe by prevent underground utility damages.

So in 2013, when Skip and Justin found themselves fresh off the successful sale of SafeSite Inc, they decided to try to make a real impact on the industry that gave them so much.

DocuSite was created to help bring other small, medium and family-owned underground construction businesses to the table with the big players.

What we’ve learned working across the country.

Having lived it ourselves, we know the only thing keeping a company like yours from significant growth is the processes that run it.

We asked ourselves, ‘What if we could create a mobile digital backbone for our industry companies that not only managed risk but helped field crews operate efficiently while building   teamwork in an easy, non-invasive way?’

It’s not easy to turn the wild complexity of project sites into a deceptively simple app. But that’s just the kind of challenge we like.

We’re founders and leaders just like you. We relish the opportunity to be the underdog, no matter the business we’re building, and to prevail over challenges others have shied away from. Just like you, the obstacle is what drives us.

We created DocuSite to help your underground utility construction business with the greatest challenge it will have as it grows to the next level: managing the risk and opportunity that comes with scale.

You’re the heart of the industry. We’re here to help move you forward.

Our mission is to empower small and medium-sized construction business owners in realizing their full potential.

Your success starts with the right system. Smart, simplified tech systems that create greater team control are the path to outsized growth for our customers.

It’s the independent and family-owned operations like you that keep the industry going and evolving. Let us help you as we set a new standard in construction technology.

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