Construction Project Management App

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Construction Project Management App

Docusite has created the perfect Construction Project Management app for construction professionals who are looking for exceptional organization on their excavation sites, and as a means to mitigate liability due to accidents. If you’ve never heard of the Docusite construction app, you may want to take a closer look!


Excavation accidents are going to happen, regardless of how well prepared you are or how you plan. Documenting your site and keeping it exceptionally organized is the best way to manage your liability. Now, on site or in the office, you can document all of your excavation sites in one secure place, with Docusite’s Construction project Management app. Decrease liability, increase efficiency, and have better quality control, with Docusite.


What can a Construction Project Management app do for your company? Discover the hidden costs of utility damage, and see for yourself how much money Docusite can save you. With the rising cost of utility damage, the price of mistakes made by field service companies is staggering. Owners of facilities are investing money in new software and procedures to hold companies accountable for the cost of damage. What are you doing to protect yourself?


When there is damage to a utility, the costs go well beyond the physical damage that occurs. If your production is halted, you can count on losses in a number of different areas. You can take an educated guess as to how long the repair will take, but you can never really be sure. If you’re unable to send your crew and equipment to another area in your project, your labor efficiency and equipment costs are compromising your resources.


When you’re bidding on a project, do you figure in the cost of utility damage? If your project is on a budget and schedule, and you aren’t current taking those costs into consideration, utility damage could eat up your entire profitability. That’s where a professional Construction Project Management app comes into play. With superior documentation of your excavation site, you will reduce the risks associated with utility damage. If you end up having to defend yourself in a court of law, professional documentation may save your company millions of dollars.


After years of working on excavations, utility locating, safety inspections, and engineering, Docusite knows there are three essential areas where documentation is most critical:


- Pre-work. Before the work is even started, their Construction Project Management app will allow you to document utility locates, communication with utilities, maps and documents, site issues, and above-ground structures.


- Post-work. After the work is completed, documentation of the site will include restoration, new structures above and below ground, new utility maps, and training opportunities.


- Incident. If an incident should occur, your professional documentation will tell the story, including utility damage, down time, work place injury, and damage to structure.


You need a professional Construction Project Management app to minimize your losses and maximize your organization efforts. Let Docusite show you more about how they can help you. Visit, or call 888-738-6376 today.






Construction Project Management App