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Construction App

If you’re looking for a construction app that goes above and beyond its duties, take a look at Docusite mobile app and web-based platform that can help you document job sites, communicate with your clients, and finish your work together.


Docusite has been in the construction industry for more than 30 years,and has been a part of excavation, utility, locating, safety inspecting, and engineering, just to name a few of the industry facets they have been involved in. Their mobile app can help you record all of the critical information in the field, and organize it in one convenient place.


Founded in 2015, Docusite’s founders have combined their 40 years in the excavation and field services industry to provide their clients with the benefit of what they have learned over the years. Their experts spent an entire year researching the industry and communicating with clients about their needs, then took the feedback that resulted from their research and developed the Docusite workflow. In the end, their construction app was built to help you mitigate your liability through proactive documentation in an organized workspace.


If you’re in the construction industry- regardless of which field- the Docusite construction app is for you. As a work in progress, Docusite seeks to continually make tweaks and changes based on your feedback, as this is a partnership between Docusite and your organization.


The experts at Docusite are huge advocates of the mindset of keeping things simple. All of the processes and codes have been written with that simplicity in mind for their users. As you grow your partnership with Docusite, they will continue to make this simplicity their priority.


With Docusite’s secure platform, the people on your team can work together seamlessly, from the field or from the office. Your project managers, site managers, team members or other employees can create a new project through Docusite, update and share access with only those who are involved, streamlining the process and saving valuable resources.


Docusite’s construction app was build with the everyday user in mind. The clean, simple interface organizes projects, individual sites, photos, videos, and any other information your team needs on hand to finish safely and efficiently.


Docusite offers exceptional peace of mind to your company. One accidents happen- and they will- your construction sites are documented correctly, so you won’t have to worry about your next lawsuit or claim. Your critical information is stored in one place, allowing you to better defend your position later.


You’ll find the construction app from Docusites to be made for construction professionals by construction professionals. Their prime goal is to help you mitigate liability through superior organization and documentation of your excavation sites. Docusite was founded on collaboration and continues to thrive under it. Their vision of a construction app that works as well in the field as it does back home in the office resulted in a powerful tool that delivers on utility and peace of mind.


Visit to learn more about their construction app that can change the way you mitigate your excavation liability. If you have questions, you’re welcome to call one of their experts at 888-738-6376.