How To Launch Your Own Underground Construction Company

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How To Launch Your Own Underground Construction Company Facts, Fiction & Valuable Shortcuts No one gives you a blueprint when it comes to launching your own construction venture. For such a cash and labor-intensive industry, it’s essential to search for whatever advice and guidance you can get. It can be lonely in the beginning,

How to Easily Develop New Safety Workflows

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As a small to medium-sized construction company, the most significant challenge is developing safety workflows to help limit your liability and keep employees safe. The second biggest problem is getting your employees to follow and perform those workflows. Choose a tool that makes these steps easy and fast so you can get to the

How to Choose the Right Construction Software for Your Company

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How to Choose the Right Construction Software for Your Company The construction industry is changing every day, and sometimes it’s hard to keep up - especially for smaller businesses. New companies and products are released every day, claiming they can help increase productivity or decrease the time needed to complete a project. The problem

Don’t Put Another Shovel in the Ground Until You Read This

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STOP. Don’t do any more work until you read this. The following information will change the way you think about the way you manage your job site - forever. Today’s field service environment is getting faster and faster. The need to stay on time and under budget is critical to stay ahead of the

Affected By Hurricane Harvey or Irma? Let’s Help You Rebuild. 4 Month Free!

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Affected By Hurricane Harvey or Irma? Let’s Help You Rebuild. The world watched closely as Hurricane Irma made its way through the Caribbean, Florida and other areas of the Southeastern U.S. to disastrous effect. The most powerful hurricane in the Atlantic Ocean since 2007’s Hurricane Dean, Irma left a wake of destruction due to

3 Simple Activities You Can Do With Docusite

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Changing your process can be a tough proposition for any company- especially if you have been doing the same thing for a long time you understand that it’s important to utilize new technology to improve your organization and save time. Yes, initially implement Docusite might look be challenging, but it doesn’t have to overwhelm.

3 Ways to Boost and Track Productivity in Underground Construction

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Production is one of the hardest things to track and manage in any industry, and it's especially so in underground construction. However, all is not lost. Use these three activities to simultaneously track and boost your productivity. You’ll save money and time while gaining support throughout the bidding process.  1. Institute a Damage Prevention

6 Steps to Implement Docusite into Your Company

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Technology is changing every single day and it has made our lives easier in a lot of different ways. The problem is, when you have an industry with processes that have been exactly the same for decades, its difficult to institute new technologies. Docusite is the easiest construction software of its kind. We take

How to Prepare for Your New Construction Project

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There is undoubtedly a lot to take care of when you’re setting up for a new residential project. The main considerations are budgeting, choosing between concrete structure frame types and covering all of your bases to limit liability in case of any accidents or incidents caused by employee error. Consider this your all-inclusive guide… 1.

How To Simply Prevent Utility Damage On Your Project

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Completing a project on time and under budget can be very stressful, leading many of us to forego documenting projects accurately. Combine that with the challenges of having more active and abandoned underground facilities than ever before, and it’s easy to see why underground construction has become a lot more complex. After two years of